Sunday, November 5, 2017


Well, it happened. My first born, my baby girl...she turned four years old. I remember holding her in my arms for the very first time. She was precious & sweet and my love for her blossomed immediately & with such intensity that it was difficult to understand or to articulate. It just felt so so good. As I looked at her enchanting little face, my affection for this tiny human projected from my body and wrapped around her like a cozy little blanket. I held her tight and thought, this is what life is. This is why I'm here. I was astounded & lovestruck. My heart was overflowing with every wonderful emotion I could possibly possess. She made me a mama and I am ever so thankful. We love you, Layla girl!

To celebrate our darling little lady this year, I had planned to host a Halloween birthday bash to keep things simple. It's typically a very quick turnaround between celebrating the holiday and then facilitating a themed-birthday just a few days later. Since I tend to make a lot of my own party decorations and handle most of the set-up myself, it can be overwhelming. I felt that I was finally smartening up with the idea to combine the two, at least for this year. ;) But you know what they say about best laid plans.

Since we decided to move, (sort of on a whim—#nomads4life), my plan of an easy birthday/holiday party was clearly thwarted by our relocation. *sigh* So I dialed back on Halloween this year and accepted a request from Layla to involve donuts. We served brunch & dessert and I decorated one area to be the main focal point. Matthew wanted to make cake pops ourselves and I'm really glad that we gave it a try. They were a lot of fun to create and they turned out so cute! I quickly designed & assembled the banner the night before and put up the sprinkle balloons. Best Cookies by Farr made the cookies for us and I placed an order at my local grocery store for the donuts. I found all of the cups/plates/etc. on Amazon...yay for Prime & two-day shipping! And the invitation was pre-made by a designer on Etsy.

I'm really happy with how everything turned out, especially since we are still living out of boxes and had very little time to plan much of anything. But the best part was seeing Layla's face light up when she saw everything completed. And that sweet little girl melted my heart right before bedtime when she said, "Thank you Mommy for my birthday party. I feel so special." I think that may have made my entire year...tohhhhtally worth blowing up all those sprinkle balloons and tying every single one myself. ;)

Goodnight friends!


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